10 Things George R.R. Martin Is Doing Instead of Writing the Next ‘Game of Thrones’ Book

If you’re a fan of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, your ears (or eyes, as it were) likely perk up every time his name surfaces in the news. But every time we catch wind of Martin, it’s because he’s doing something other than finishing A Song of Ice and Fire. Sure, many of these are good things, but they aren’t working on the next Song of Ice and Fire installment, and thus they are cause for some nail-biting. Will Martin finish his beloved series inside of two decades? Will the HBO show catch up? Will Martin heed the many calls of fans to write like the wind? After the jump, ten things George R.R. Martin is doing instead of writing the next book in everyone’s current favorite fantasy series — make your own judgements as you will.


Writing a Game of Thrones coffee table book

The latest George R.R. Martin news is that the author is putting together “a compendium of the history and legends of the world of Westeros” entitled The World Of Ice and Fire (nickname: The GRRM-arillion). It will include “never-before revealed details of Aegon’s Conquest, the War With the Faith, The Dance of the Dragons, the Paramours of Aegon the Unworthy, etc.” as well as the ““story of the fall of the Tarbecks and the Reynes, the surprising person from whom the Lannisters are descended, more history of the Vale and the arrival of the Andals, and a good deal more.” Neat. But.