10 Musicians You Should Be Following on Tumblr

There have been a gazillion things written about Daft Punk and Random Access Memories over the last week or so, but one of the best of them appeared this morning on the Tumblr of Montreal-based musician James Brooks, aka (formerly) as Elite Gymnastics. Brooks’ take on the record is well worth reading, and if you’re not already following him on Tumblr, you really should be. And he’s not the only musician who’s using his blog in a compelling way; here’s a selection of other music makers you should be following on Tumblr. Get to it!


James Brooks

Formerly known as Elite Gymnastics and now just plain old James Brooks, he’s one of the most consistently interesting cultural commentators on the internet, musician or otherwise. Fingers crossed that Michael Azerrad recruits him for The Talkhouse sooner rather than later.