The 10 Albums You Need to Hear in June

The sun is out, your bedroom is already stinking hot, and suddenly the memory of snow seems less depressing than it does nostalgically inviting: yes, it’s summer! The advent of the summer generally corresponds with something of a drop-off in the volume and quality of album releases — everyone’s too busy drinking beer on rooftops, maybe — but never fear, because as ever Flavorwire has pored over the release schedules and come up with a list of the ten albums you need to hear in the month to come, along with a roundup of everything else that’s out, whether good, bad, or Barenaked Ladies.

Camera Obscura — Desire Lines (June 4)

Yay for the return of a fantastic indie-pop band! Desire Lines was recorded in Portland, OR, and features guest appearances from Neko Case and Jim James — the former appears on the suitably alt-country-inflected single “Fifth in Line to the Throne” (above), which is gorgeously melancholy and bodes very well indeed for the rest of the album.