The Most Awkward Local TV News Moments Ever

When you see a headline that invites you to “Watch in Uncomfortable Delight as a News Anchor and a Weatherperson Repeatedly Go at Each Other on Live TV,” well, you click on that link, so bravo, Grantland. And the video delivers on the headline’s promise — as these things always do. There seems to be something uniquely combustible about a live local news telecast, whether it’s the unscripted banter that must bridge the segments, the fragility of big fish in small ponds, the ego that seems inevitable among those who want to do news and weather on television, or (more likely) a combination of all of the above. Whatever the reason, that petri dish has given us some pretty toxic live video clips over the years.

Grantland’s post hipped us to the passive-aggressive dynamic shared by Philadelphia’s NBC 3 anchor (and former Miss Pennsylvania) Nicole Brewer and the station’s meteorologist, Carol Erickson, which looks less like TV news and more like something out of Heathers.