The Best TV Shows We Ever Binge-Watched

Binge-watching has so quickly become a fact of life that it’s hard to believe Netflix’s streaming video service is still less than five years old. And according to its creator, Vince Gilligan, no TV show has benefited from the rise of marathon viewing more than Breaking Bad. Gilligan went so far as to tell Wired that “it’s very possible we wouldn’t have made it to 62 episodes without this creation of these technologies and this cultural creation of binge-watching.” But Breaking Bad is hardly the only series that merits mainlining. In the interest of keeping you occupied during the networks’ long summer programming hiatus, Flavorwire staffers recommend the best TV shows we ever binge-watched.



I started watching Lost the day after the series finale. I managed to avoid six years of spoilers and clues and anything about the show, really, because I thought everyone was absolutely insane for watching it in the first place. Then I watched the whole thing in two months, proving I am just as crazy as everyone else. And yeah, Jack and Kate are the worst. — Tyler Coates