10 Horribly Photoshopped Movie Posters

You can’t judge a movie by its poster, but a bad, lazy poster sure will tell you how much the film’s marketing team enjoyed those early screenings. While it’s easy to name off great film posters, there are plenty more unfortunately terrible ones. One of the biggest problems with bad posters is the heavy-handed use of Photoshop. After the jump, you’ll find a collection of movie posters in which famous stars have distorted limbs, unrecognizable faces, or vacant stares. 

the heat poster

While the person responsible for this poster didn’t completely slim down Melissa McCarthy, he or she certainly blurred the hell out of her face, so much so that she resembles not the Bridesmaids star we know and love but rather a very terrifying doll dressed up as Dog the Bounty Hunter cooling off after a long day in front of his window unit.