The Wedding Photos of 25 Musicians in Love

They frequently have a reputation for boozing, partying, and breaking hearts, but sometimes musicians settle down and get married. We spotted a great wedding photo of The Velvet Underground’s John Cale marrying designer Betsey Johnson on Dangerous Minds that inspired us to track down other snapshots of musicians who tied the knot. See what they wore, the traditions they broke, and the lucky (or unlucky) partners they got hitched to, below.


The Velvet Underground’s John Cale and fashion designer Betsey Johnson tied the knot in 1968. “Betsey was a strong individual character,” Cale said of his ex-wife in his memoir. “When she started showing up at all the VU gigs because she could afford to, I really admired her… It seemed to me that Betsey knew everybody I knew, and she was living at the Chelsea Hotel. It was a match made in heaven.”