Beyond James Turrell: 10 More Great Artists Who Use Light as a Medium

I don’t remember the last time I was as excited by a museum show as I am about James Turrell’s, which opens in at the Guggenheim Museum in New York next week. At least as an art appreciator, Turrell has been like a grandfather to me. Before I encountered his work for the first time, I didn’t really know what installation art was, and even though I admired the way some artists negotiated the phenomenon of light, it had not occurred to me that light art — more specifically, art that buttressed and captured light, often for its own sake, in a grandly hypnotizing way — could be someone’s life’s work.

Since that first encounter (which took place, not inappropriately, at a museum in rural California), I’ve learned that actually, lots of artists speak Turrell’s language. Here are a few.

Bill Culbert, Strait, 2013. Photo by Jennifer French.
Bill Culbert, Strait, 2013. Photo by Jennifer French.

[Image via Artdaily]

Bill Culbert

The intangibility of light has been a special point of attention for Bill Culbert, who also integrates suitcases, furniture, and repurposed plastic containers into his work. The above installation, Strait, was part of Culbert’s contribution to this year’s Venice Biennale.