10 Great Multicultural Children’s Books

The lack of diversity in children’s books is, sadly, nothing new — as NPR pointed out in a new article on the subject, book critics have been talking about the problem for some 50 years. The latest statistics, though, are alarming, especially in the face of America’s changing demographics. According to NPR, only “3 percent of children’s books are by or about Latinos — even though nearly a quarter of all public school children today are Latino.” Add that to the fact that “nearly half of today’s children under 5 years old are non-white” and it seems especially ridiculous that parents still have to look to find books with protagonists who look like their children. Well, here’s a start: Flavorwire has compiled a list of a few great children’s books with diverse characters and stories, sure to be gobbled up by any child you know.


Tar Beach, Faith Ringgold

In this gorgeous book — a work of quilted art with story woven in — a little girl dream-soars above 1939 Harlem, looking down at the eponymous tar beach of her family’s roof. Evidence that imagination can overcome most anything.