10 Great Female Buddy Comedies

Hollywood has never been short on buddy cop movies. Lethal Weapon and 48 Hours are just a few of the films featuring bonded lawmen. There’s even a fairly substantial subgenre of buddy cop films with dogs, including Turner & Hooch and K-9. It’s mind-blowing that Paul Feig’s The Heat is one of the only films in the bunch starring women as agents on a mission. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy play the typical odd couple (with guns). One’s an uptight FBI agent, the other a zany cop from Boston.

The box office success or failure of The Heat could potentially transform the summer blockbuster landscape, and cinema, forever. Feig’s Bridesmaids already has. Sadly, female-led films are still struggling for a place in Hollywood, but there have been legitimately entertaining and well-rounded female buddy comedies that explored more than just romantic entanglements. We’re giving the spotlight to ten of them. Feel free to add to the list, below.


Stage Door

Katharine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Lucille Ball, Eve Arden, Ann Miller play a few of the aspiring theater actresses sharing a rooming house in New York City. Roles come and go, but the real stories happen backstage where the witty women share their dreams, disappointments, and let the wisecracks fly.

Screenwriters hired a stenographer to observe young actresses chatting at theater rehearsals and incorporated the dialogue style into the script — much of which ended up being improvised. Stage Door stands as a rare, early portrait of female friendship — one in which women are cynical, fiercely ambitious, and not necessarily a perfect fit. Despite the odds — on and off stage — they are loyal and supportive.