Pop Culture’s Best Tributes to Badass State Senator Wendy Davis

With her 13-hour filibuster to block Texas’s beyond-archaic SB5 anti-abortion bill, state senator Wendy Davis instantly rocketed from impressive political up-and-comer to the Internet’s favorite feminist icon. And with that newfound icon status comes many, many expressions of (largely virtual) admiration and appreciation. Tributes to Davis in the days following her truly epic marathon speech have ranged from celebrity nods to Amazon review bombing, celebrating her as a bright spot in a battle that it’s depressing to be waging in the first place. We’ve collected the best of them to enjoy while Davis brings the fight to today’s Texas legislature special session, called by endlessly frustrating Governor Rick Perry. Hopefully she’ll bring the baby dragon someone helpfully photoshopped onto her shoulder.


Wendy Davis Nail Art

Austin’s Nails Y’all has developed the perfect accessory for flipping off enraged men’s rights activists: Wendy Davis nail decals to top off any manicure. Salon owner Meghann Rosales sold the nail decals, along with designs such as the “Pink Sneakers” and the “Orange You Angry,” at a benefit on Sunday. Patrons were encouraged to attend the event, which donated half its proceeds to Planned Parenthood and boasted a full selection of “Pro-Lady Nail Art,” with a supremely awesome Facebook dispatch from Rosales: “Attention Austin babes: show your support for Texas women’s health by finger banging Rick Perry!” Now that’s good marketing.