10 Great 2013 Movies You Can Watch at Home Right Now

Those of us who get hives at the very idea of being out in crowds and start sweating merely from exerting the force of locking our doors behind us may have a hard time getting too worked up at the prospect of heading out to the multiplex over this holiday weekend — the theaters are bustling, the temperatures are high, and the biggest new attraction is two and a half hours of The Lone Ranger. But fear not, fellow agoraphobes: thanks to the wonders of modern technology, some of the year’s best movies are available at the click of a button. Yes, due to collapsing theatrical-to-home-video windows and the increasing presence of simultaneous theatrical and VOD releases, several of Flavorwire’s best of 2013 thus far are available at this very moment, and for a fraction of that parking/ticket/popcorn price.

($4.99 24-hour rental on Amazon Instant Video)

Oldboy director Park Chan-wook makes his English-language debut with this thrillingly funny and chillingly dark riff on Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt — with an inverted twist. In that film, a young woman who loves her uncle unlocks his past and is repulsed. In this one, a young woman who loathes her uncle unlocks his past, and responds with a bit more moral ambiguity. On a very basic level, it’s just plain fun to watch — almost perversely so, considering what we’re often looking at. The director is game to go wherever weird place the story takes him (and, to their credit, so is his cast), and the result is a picture with the surrealistic imagery and doomed inevitability of a good nightmare. (Full review here.)