Hilarious, Surreal Photos of Wookiees Doing People Things

If Mako Miyamoto is to be believed, Wookiees are just like us, albeit tragically hip versions of us: they smoke cigarettes while wearing Wayfarers, do yoga, and pose for ultra-vintage photos just like any other resident of Portland. The artist, also known as Neon Werewolf, has quietly posted a whole series of Photoshopped images starring the beloved Star Wars creatures to her Tumblr. There’s no artist’s statement or explanation, but the project (spotted via Laughing Squid) largely speaks for itself; it’s Wookiees edited into real life, and the effect is something like an even more hipster-fied version of Where the Wild Things Are. Click through for a Monday pick-me-up for the George Lucas fan in all of us.

Image Credit: Mako Miyamoto