10 Musical Genres That Should Never, Ever Be Revived

Of all the press releases that landed in Flavorwire’s inbox over the long weekend, this was surely the strangest: an announcement proclaiming the return of the entirely unlamented Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, the dire neo-swing band that was briefly famous in the late 1990s for the song “Zoot Suit Riot.” It’s mildly terrifying to think that they still exist in 2013, as is the thought of their genre making some sort of post-millennial comeback. It’s such a chastening thought, in fact, that it got us thinking about other potential genre revivals against which we should be forever vigilant. Such as this lot, for example…


Considering how much Kurt Cobain loathed the fame and adulation showered upon his own band, you can only imagine the depths of hatred he would have harbored for the latter-day jocks who jacked his style and sound, shearing both of any measure of subtlety or meaning and using the resultant pseudo-grunge bilge to catapult themselves to global stardom. (See here for a convenient summary of the genre’s post-Nirvana devolution.) Given that there’s a full-fledged grunge revival happening these days, we can only hope neo-grunge doesn’t eventually spawn neo-Puddle of Mudd.