A Selection of Great Banned and Unreleased Music Documentaries

A trailer for a long-delayed documentary about M.I.A. leaked onto the Internet a few days back. The film seems to have run into similar problems with Interscope as M.I.A.’s album, Matangi — according to director Steven Loveridge’s Tumblr, he “[gets] an email every few weeks from Rocnation or Interscope saying it’s starting up again, then nothing.” This week he apparently lost patience and leaked an old trailer, then quit the project, suggesting this film will join the ranks of music documentaries that never officially saw the light of day. There are plenty more, some of which you can now watch on YouTube, and some that remain entirely chimera. Here are some of the most interesting.

The M.I.A. documentary

M.I.A. is such a fascinating and divisive figure that it’s surprising it’s taken this long to make a film about her. Of course, nothing’s ever straightforward with this artist, and sure enough, this has turned into an almighty shitfight. In a way, the delays around the film have been great publicity for an artist ever keen to burnish her outlaw image — she’s been telling the world that she’s been “blacklisted” and talking about using Kickstarter to get the film finished. She’ll need to find a new director, though — Loveridge posted an email on his Tumblr wherein he told Interscope he “couldn’t give a flying fuck” and “would rather die than work on [the film any further].”