The Bizarre Late-Career Roles of Fading Starlets

The trailer for the Lindsay Lohan/James Deen B-movie The Canyons is out, and it will hit IFC on August 2nd. But the buzz isn’t good; even SXSW wouldn’t take the film, reportedly due to “quality problems. So the film’s director, Paul Schrader, wrote a piece for Film Comment about, obviously, what it was like to direct Lindsay Lohan. He expresses his good wishes to Ms. Lohan by comparing her to… Marilyn Monroe. Who died of a drug overdose. And who Schrader himself admits might not have been as talented an actress as Lohan. It’s all a little backhanded.


Of course, there comes a time in every actress’s life when her star fades. And if she has not properly invested her money and/or co-branded a K-mart clothing line or perfume, she may find herself having to choose less-than-ideal projects. The late-career odd role can be a valuable way station, saving lives and mortgages alike. Or, worst-case scenario, they add colorful footnotes to a distinguished career. Here follow some examples.