10 Kids TV Shows That Need to Make a Comeback

In a welcome response to ’90s nostalgia, PBS recently hinted that Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? could be coming back to TV. It’s exciting to think that a whole new generation of kids will be introduced to a show that made so many of us genuinely excited to learn. This got us to thinking about other shows from our childhood that could benefit from the recent wave of nostalgia. Here are ten picks from yesteryear that are also ripe for a revival.


Bill Nye the Science Guy

In a perfect world, Carmen Sandiego would open the door for the return of one of the other greatest educational shows of all time. Bill Nye’s fun, witty, deeply effective approach to science is still popular in classrooms across the country, and we imagine a comeback would be incredibly well received. In recent years, Nye has been most prolific in environmental politics, and he still makes a lot of appearances on television to talk about climate change.