Stylish Photos That Visually Represent Crayola Crayons’ Color Names

What sets Crayola crayons apart from your standard-issue stationery-aisle generics isn’t that their quality is so much better or that (if you buy a big enough box) they come with their very own sharpener — it’s those evocative names. It’s not bright pink; it’s Pink Flamingo. Purple? Please, it’s Eggplant. Photographer Daniel Seung Lee collaborated with art director Dawn Kim to create Crayola Theory, a series of photos that brings those iconic color names to life. Click through to see the full series (only complaint: no Burnt Siena?), spotted via iGNANT, and visit Lee‘s and Kim‘s websites to learn more about their work.

Image credit: Daniel Seung Lee. Pink Flamingo, #FC74FD