8 Great Aubrey Plaza Funny or Die Videos to Watch Instead of ‘The To Do List’

The good news is that, after something like a year of promotion, The To Do List, the teen sex comedy from writer/director Maggie Carey starring Aubrey Plaza, is out this week. The bad news is, it’s not very good (in short: too long, too formulaic, only intermittently funny). But don’t worry — Aubrey is great in it, as she is in pretty much everything. And if you decide to take a pass on this one, we’ve done a bit of a Funny or Die dig to find some of her funniest moments that you might not have seen.

“Breakup in a Noisy Diner”

The great Jeff Garlin (who plays Plaza’s dad in the wonderful Safety Not Guaranteed) wrote and directed this absurd two-minute quickie co-starring Josh Gad (The Book of Mormon). It is, as most things are at that length, a one-joke premise. But watch as the joke is stretched out as long as is humanly possible, and then longer, and then a few seconds beyond that.