A Selection of America’s Most Majestic Vintage Neon Signs

If you’ve ever taken the F train into Brooklyn, you’ve probably seen the Eagle Clothes sign that rises into the sky over the corner of Third Avenue and Sixth Street. You probably have some memory of some wonderful drunken summer evening when you walked home through Gowanus, looked up, and hoped that one day the neon sign would just light up right before your eyes. Sadly, that dream will never come true, as the sign is slated to be taken down later this week, once again altering the old Brooklyn skyline in the name of progress.


Even if you’ve never been to Brooklyn, you’ve no doubt known a neon sign like the Eagle Clothes one; some remnant of another time, a signifier of an industry that has long since moved on or gone away, or simply a reminder of the way people and companies once let the world know that this is where people once worked. Here are some of the most memorable examples from across the country.