Charming and Goofy Robot Sculptures Created From Discarded Household Items

California-based artist Tal Avitzur scours scrap and salvage yards for materials to build his collection of Talbotics, a mini race of robots made from a variety of odd items. Each one has a distinct look and, by extension, a distinct personality. “From a workshop full of thousands of parts, I place pieces together like a puzzle until I get a natural looking fit,” Avitzur writes. “I then cut, grind, drill, tap and whatever else is necessary to connect objects that were not meant to be connected.” Be forewarned, however, as the robots won’t be making our lives easier anytime soon. “Though these robots don’t clean your house, wash your car, walk your dog, or sing and dance, they do light up,” Avitzur admits. Although that also means they won’t take over the world and destroy all of us, either! (Phew.)

Image credit: Tal Avitzur
Image credit: Tal Avitzur

AG-500 (2010)
28 inches tall
Materials: vintage breaker box, oil filter, brass candlestick holders, brass nipples, various scrap metal yard objects, color changing LEDs.