Vintage Penguin Paperbacks in Beautiful, Bookworm-Friendly Settings

The New Republic recently ran a piece to mark anniversary of the first Penguin paperbacks, which were published this week in 1935. Here at Flavorwire, we’re eager to join in the celebration, because if there is one thing every book nerd can agree on, it’s that Penguin’s are the most beautifully designed paperbacks of them all. Another reader who shares our love of the sometimes sparse, other times or ornate and colorfully designed books is Etsy user EAGERforWORD, who has a wonderful knack for making already eye-catching books even more aesthetically pleasing by celebrating the clean simplicity of the iconic books. Click through to see (and perhaps purchase) a selection of EAGERforWORD’s wares.


The Beast in Me by James Thurber, $10.11 at Etsy