50 Places Every Music Lover Should Visit

A couple of weeks back, our esteemed literary editor Jason Diamond put together a pretty epic roundup of 50 places every literary fan should visit. The post got great feedback and responses from our readers, so much so that we thought we’d extend the concept to some of our other areas of expertise before the end of the summer vacation season. First up: music! From the backblocks of Brooklyn to the exotic locales of Kingston and Addis Ababa, here are 50 places that we reckon should be on every music fan’s fantasy itinerary. Let us know if we’ve missed any.


Kool Herc’s block, The Bronx, NY

This is a genuinely holy site for hip hop fans — the birthplace of rap, the place where Kool Herc first started cutting together the breaks from old funk records to create an entirely new sound. The grandfather of hip hop held his very first parties in the rec room of this building, which is at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in Morris Heights. More information here.