A List of Things to Ask Yourself When You’re Making a List of Poets

[Editor’s note: Last week, Flavorwire published a list of 23 poets who are keeping poetry relevant in 2013, which readers rightly criticized for its lack of diversity. This piece is a response to that post.]

There is nothing better than a list except a list to instruct you on the hows of list-making. The following is a preliminary checklist in the event that you, or someone you know, writes a list about American poets who keep poetry relevant. Since it’s clear that sometimes people who don’t write (or, sometimes, even read much) poetry like to make lists of poets, it is high time a poet made a list of her own to guide the list makers. Besides, everyone — except some people — knows that there is nothing worse than an angry poet.


1. Am I including poets who do not live in Brooklyn?