50 Great Director Cameos in Other Directors’ Movies

Film fans love a good director cameo. Hitchcock made a trademark of them; viewers are regularly delighted by the sly appearances of Martin Scorsese, John Waters, Sydney Pollack, and many more (M. Night Shyamalan, not so much) in their own movies. But the real sport for true cinephiles is spotting the occasions in which chummy directors pop in for cameo appearances in the pictures of their filmmaking pals. It happens, well, all the time. Our handy guide is after the jump.

Tim Burton in Cameron Crowe’s Singles

Batman was enough of a hit that even casual moviegoers giggled at his reveal in Singles, in which he is introduced as the best videographer at the video dating service — “the next Martin Scor-seeze,” in fact. But judging by the smug, self-consciously weird product he comes up with, it looks more like he’s the next Tim Burton.