Explore These Intricate ‘Game of Thrones’ Maps

The opening credits sequence of Game of Thrones features an animated map that drops us right in the center of George R.R. Martin’s intricate universe, first created in his A Song of Ice and Fire book series. The HBO show can get pretty complex, which explains the number of fan-made maps and other diagrams that look at the sprawling landscape, character relationships, and kingdom politics. We spotted these colorful, folksy maps on Slash Film, created by J.E. Fullerton (aka Other-In-Law), which plot the essentials about various landmarks and kingdoms. The naïve style is a play on art from the Middle Ages and adds the perfect touch. Enjoy more Game of Thrones maps somewhere past the Plaza of Punishment and the Maidenpool, in our gallery.

Image credit: J.E. Fullerton

Image credit: J.E. Fullerton


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