15 Breathtakingly Bad Architecture Ideas

When you construct a building, you have to make sure that everything is right. You confirm that it is structurally sound, that every bolt and screw is tight, and that you didn’t miss any spots on the walls when you were painting. And if you’re building a skyscraper, you should also probably remember to leave room for elevators.

Unfortunately, the planners behind the Intempo skyscraper in Benidorm, Spain never worked out a way for people to get up and down the building’s 47 storeys, and it doesn’t have any extra space to accommodate lifts and motor equipment, so it seems that if you want to get to the top floor of the Intempo, you’d better be ready for a long stair climb.


As ridiculous as this example is, it’s hardly the only questionable architectural choice (or, in this case, oversight) that has been made over the years. Here are a few more.