The 25 Most Literary Colleges in America

School’s almost back in session, and that means thousands of students — undergraduates and graduate students — will head to their respective universities to become better writers, or to study the art of writing. We got to thinking of all the schools that offer courses of study for these students, and it got us to wondering which universities are the most literary friendly — which ones have the best teachers, the most famous alumni, and have the best environments for their more bookish students. 


Princeton University

Sure, it’s expensive and tough to get into, but there’s a pretty good reason that we’re opening up this list with this school that was founded 1746 as the College of New Jersey. Princeton is a dream school for writers, thanks to a famous history that counts F. Scott Fitzgerald and Eugene O’Neill among its notable students; Toni Morrison holding titles like Robert F. Goheen Professor in the Humanities, Emerita, Special Consultant to the Director of the Princeton Atelier and Lecturer with the rank of Professor in the Lewis Center for the Arts; a staff that includes Jeffrey Eugenides, Paul Muldoon, and Joyce Carol Oates; a great library with a fantastic rare book collection; and the sort of picturesque Ivy League landscape that can help jog any imagination.

Lippincott Room at Princeton University Press