50 Science Fiction/Fantasy Films That Everyone Should See

Last week, Flavorwire published a list of 50 science-fiction and fantasy novels that everyone should read – an article that prompted some great discussions in the comments. Since you’re all so wonderfully geeky, we’ve decided to follow up with a list of 50 essential sci-fi/fantasy films, for those who prefer the celluloid to the cellulose. A few notes/caveats: First, this is only a list of 50, spanning two genres, so tons of great and worthy films have been necessarily left off. No disrespect meant, and classics have been given extra weight, due to the whole “everyone should see these” idea. Next, for the purposes of this list, superhero movies, horror films (Nosferatu, Let the Right One In), monster movies (Godzilla, The Host), and movies made primarily for children (Bambi, Toy Story, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory) are considered to be part of their own distinct genres and therefore ineligible. It hurts, but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

One of the classics of science fiction, Steven Spielberg’s E.T. is a wonderful film that also happens to contain one of the most iconic movie moments of all time (you know the one). As Roger Ebert wrote, “This is not simply a good movie. It is one of those movies that brush away our cautions and win our hearts.”