Our Favorite Fictional Butlers in Pop Culture

Despite an Academy Award-winning role in The Last King of Scotland, Forest Whitaker remains fairly underrated. His filmography is filled with plenty of misses — the terrible Battlefield Earth amongst them — but when he’s spot on, he blows us away. We’re looking at you Ghost Dog, The Crying Game, and Bird. Unfortunately, his latest film, Lee Daniels’ The Butler — loosely based on the real-life story of Eugene Allen, the White House butler who worked for eight presidents — was too heavy-handed for us. We decided to take a breather from Daniels’ “blatant Oscar bait” and look back on some of our favorite fictional butlers in pop culture.


Tim Curry as Wadsworth in Clue

Tim Curry has a thing for creepy mansions. After a turn as a deranged doctor in The Rocky Horror Picture Show he donned a penguin suit to play Wadsworth the butler in the 1985 film Clue. The actor delivered a snappy, slapstick performance as the host of a mysterious dinner party where six guests are forced to solve a murder. You can always count on Curry to ham it up, and the whodunit is no different. His manic delivery and physical comedy (with a dastardly edge) is wholly entertaining.