Stuffed Animals as High Art: Alexis Turner’s ‘Taxidermy’

The art of stuffing and mounting dead animals for display or study dates back to Egyptian times, but in the last few years, from garage sales in the suburbs to vintage shops and flea markets in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, it seems that more non-hunters than ever have sought out mounted fish, antlers, and hooves as decorations.

As the founder of London Taxidermy, Alexis Turner seeks out more than just the deer heads and coyote pelts that once adorned the basement walls of amateur hunters; Turner sells exotic birds and perfect specimens of wildlife, making him as close to an expert on haute taxidermy as you’re going to find. Now he’s collected some of his favorite works in Taxidermy. Click through to preview a selection of images from the book, which not only shed light on why taxidermy is so popular right now, but also suggest why it might remain a staple in chic rooms everywhere.

DSC_8850_∏Marc Dantan
From Alexis Turner’s ‘Taxidermy.’ Image courtesy of Rizzoli.