25 Things to Read, Watch, and Listen to If You Loved ‘Orange Is the New Black’

We’re still adjusting to the new model of Netflix-produced television, in which a whole season of a TV show is immediately available for anyone with an account to stream. In the case of the recently released and highly acclaimed prison dramedy Orange Is The New Black, we were all for this. Like many others, we devoured the 13 episodes of the first season within a few days and are ready for more. But it’s going to be a while before the next season, and one of the best features of this show was the hunger it instilled in us for more knowledge about both the world of the characters, the actors who play them and the all too real issues that their struggles are based on. We’ve put together a list of things you should definitely check out if you’re jonesing for the next season, from silly sitcoms comedies to harrowing investigative journalism and everything in between.


Orange Is The New Black by Piper Kerman

The most obvious starting place for someone looking to further investigate the world of OITNB is its source material: the original memoir of the same name by real-world Piper. (Yes, there are really people named Piper.) Though the book received overall positive reviews at the time of its release and takes a serious look at some of the underlying problems of our prison system, Slate’s review of it placed it in the “middle class transgression” genre and criticizes the lack of depth in describing any of the characters besides the protagonist (something the show more than makes up for). We’d still be interested in checking out what from the real account did or didn’t make it into the TV show.