10 Great Sites for Bored History Nerds

If you aren’t using up vacation time, there are a few more days left of sitting in your chair and just staring at the computer screen, begging for something, anything, to save you from the August doldrums, Miley Cyrus think pieces, and pug videos (strike that last one: pug videos are always a good thing). Since this is pretty much the slowest time of the year when nothing really good gets done, maybe it’s a perfect time for you to bone up on your random bits of history, and fill up your Pinterest board with old-timey images from these great websites.


The Bowery Boys

Whether you want to check how historically accurate an episode of Mad Men is, or you care about subjects like “A skewed history of New York City as depicted by the opening themes of 1970s TV shows,” The Bowery Boys is probably already a site you visit regularly. If by chance it isn’t, we suggest you change that right now.