Flavorwire’s Big Deal, All-In Fall Movie Preview

Like a plane crash survivor crawling through a barren desert towards a delicious lake of refreshing water, we dragged ourselves through the summer movie season with our eyes on a single prize: fall (and a hope that such a destination wasn’t a mere mirage). Yes, fall, when the instant credibility of year-end lists and the looming awards season prompts Hollywood to lock up the Transformers, Smurfs, and Sandlers and pretend like they’ve been making prestige pictures all year long. There’s a particularly juicy crop of Movies for Grown-Ups™ to look forward to this season — daunting, even. But have no fear; Flavorwire has sifted through the next four months of releases and plucked out the best of the bunch, as well as throwing in a word or two on the also-rans. It’s all exhaustive and a little overwhelming, but hey, that’s what fall moviegoing is all about.


Salinger (September 6)

One of (if not the single) major bombshells of Shane Salerno’s comprehensive documentary portrait of the elusive writer has already dropped — that at least five more volumes of J.D. Salinger’s work are on the way. But the intriguing trailer indicates that’s not all that Salerno’s dug up, and the idea of finally getting a grasp on what made this legendary recluse tick is too good to pass up.