10 More Cultural Touchstones of the ’90s That Should Never Come Back

Everybody remembers the ’90s these days, even the kids who are barely old enough to call themselves “’90s kids” without a sense of irony or self-deprecation. And we’ve been remembering them for a while now! Less than three years ago, we came up with a list of cultural artifacts we didn’t want to re-live. Unfortunately, boy bands and Titanic both came back. And so did Tamagotchis! So before we lose all of our minds and keep bringing back all of the ’90s, here’s another sampling of terrible trendy items from the decade. 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iDALjY4QnY]


Nickelodeon ventured into the toy business in the ’90s, specializing in the most disgusting things for kids to play with. Sure, the fart sounds you could make were fun for about 15 minutes, but it wouldn’t take long for this stuff to be covered in dirt and lint and caked into your bedroom carpet.