The 10 Ugliest Apple Products of All Time

Yesterday was Apple Product Announcement Day (did you get me anything?), with the unveiling of two new iPhone upgrades. The iPhone 5S has a faster processor and a Mission: Impossible-ish fingerprint sensor on its home button (at last, a use for all of those fingerprint-lifting tools I’ve been hoarding); the iPhone 5C is cheaper, made of plastic, and… well, there’s no nice way to say this. It’s wicked ugly. Available in a variety of eyesore colors (the grapefruit pink and lime green are the grossest, for my money — your mileage may vary), the 5C serves as a potent reminder that, despite the company’s reputation of incomparable aesthetics and the undeniable sleekness of many of its products, Apple is capable of laying the occasional very ugly egg. Here’s a few earlier examples:


The Lisa (1983)

In all fairness, most of those early personal computers from the 1980s are pretty hideous. But there’s something particularly unattractive about this model (which was also a commercial failure), from those prominently displayed twin floppy drives to the boxy, one-button mouse. Plus, y’know, beige. Luckily, the company would eventually realize the importance of color in design…