The Most Stylish People in Literature

Another New York Fashion Week is in the books after today. There were some highs, and there were some definite lows. Lots of pictures of celebrities looking bored while models walked past them were taken, and people tweeted things like this:

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.32.13 AM

That somewhat culturally insensitive tweet shows that fashion people aren’t always the smartest. But on the flip side, smart people aren’t always the most fashionable. I mean — not naming names here — but you can win as many prizes as you want, but that shouldn’t stop you from at least attempting to dress a little bit better; comb your hair, buy a suit that fits, wear a color that looks good on you, for god’s sake, clean it up a little, and maybe take a few cues from the people on this list on how to be a well-dressed writer.