15 Awesome and Bizarre Nirvana Tattoos

Nirvana’s final studio album, 1993’s In Utero, celebrates its 20th anniversary this month, and with it comes the obligatory deluxe reissue. But that’s not all; in a publicity stunt that doubles as an attempt to lure in diehards who probably already own the fan-favorite album in all available formats, a trio of record stores in California, Long Island, and Seattle will be offering free — permanent — Nirvana smiley face logo tattoos with purchase on the reissue’s September 24 release date. Now, that’s certainly not the worst Nirvana memento to have committed to your skin for all eternity — but, as the tattoos below prove, it’s also neither the best nor the weirdest.

Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio
Photo credit: Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio

Yasmine Yousaf’s Kurt Cobain tattoo: haunting, beautifully rendered… and also uncomfortably reminiscent of Gus Fring.

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