These Are the Shows Flavorwire Staffers Hate-Watch

A really good question that’s been popping up in the news lately is one we’ve asked ourselves too many nights: Why do we keep watching shows we hate? We know shows like Dexter and True Blood are (or have become) terrible, but so many of us still trudge on through the muck. In the past, we’ve tried to figure out just what it is about these terrible shows that makes it so hard to tear ourselves away. Today, Flavorwire staffers describe their most masochistic TV relationships.


The Newsroom

I skipped The Newsroom‘s first season, because my response to its existence was, “Why would I want to do that to myself?” Alas, I somehow started watching Season 2, which is as ridiculous and over-the-top as I expected it to be. Now that the series is covering a fake news story — literally, as everyone at ACN was duped by a revenge-hungry government official into believing that the U.S. military used chemical weapons — it’s even more frustrating and melodramatic than it would be if it, say, were just covering the actual things that happened in 2012. But I will give the show credit for casting Marsha Gay Harden. Now I’m just hoping for more scenes featuring her and Jane Fonda bitching at each other. — Tyler Coates, Deputy Editor