The Best ’90s Girl Bands You Forgot About

This year’s crop of band reunions just got so much better: criminally underrated pop group Luscious Jackson is back! Their new song “Show Us What You Got” is just as catchy as their old stuff, and their upcoming album (!!!) will reportedly boast a collaboration with Ad-Rock. Far too few people remember these ladies, who made some of the most perfect pop songs of the ’90s, including “Naked Eye” and “Ladyfingers.” (Electric Honey is fantastic. Listen to it right now.) Luscious Jackson’s triumphant reunion got us to thinking about other fantastic girl bands of their era who deserve massive comebacks.

Babes in Toyland

Grunge genius Kat Bjelland unfortunately got a lot more press for fights with best frenemy Courtney Love than for her incredible, eardrum-shattering work as lead singer of Babes in Toyland. It’s a shame, because these girls were far from one-trick ponies, and their diverse catalog ranges from vicious to sweet, bizarre to poppy, and beyond.