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Blue Caprice

Writer/director Alexandre Moors dramatizes and fictionalizes the story of the Beltway Snipers with uncommon sensitivity and grace. Moors confidently glides right past the Big Moments of the story, skipping their first sniper kill, the details of their arrest, their trials. The killers don’t even arrive in D.C. until the 71-minute mark of the 97-minute picture, and while there is a single, chilling scene in which the ritualistic process of selecting and eliminating victims from inside the titular vehicle is dramatized, it is brief and simple. This is a film that stubbornly refuses to sensationalize; it’s not interested in how these men killed, or in exploiting and fetishizing those acts. Instead, it explores their humanity — which is revealed to be even more terrifying. (full review here; available for rental on Amazon, iTunes, and Sundance Now.)