14 Fascinating Nick Cave Collaborations

Insert Birthday Party joke here: today is Nick Cave’s 56th birthday. The Bad Seed was the keynote speaker at BigSound last week. “I’m famously a collaborator. I can’t do what I do without certain musicians around me,” he told audiences. “It’s about having people around me who can bring new things.” Indeed, Cave shares an interesting creative history with fellow misanthropes (or melancholic optimists?), ex-lovers, and indie film directors. We’ve selected some of our favorite Nick Cave collaborations — a few familiar projects and several that tend to be overlooked.

Nick Cave and The X-Files

We’ve been in an X-Files frame of mind since the 20th anniversary of the show just passed, so remembering Cave’s contribution to Chris Carter’s sci-fi world is timely. Cave’s relationship with the series began as a fan, leading to the appearance of “Red Right Hand” in the second season episode “Ascension.” He also appeared on a 1996 compilation album inspired by the show, Songs in the Key of X. “Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum” and a cover of the eerie theme song (performed with Dirty Three) were hidden tracks on the album.