Sex Advice from Famous Authors

Don’t expect Russian students to attend sex education classes if children’s ombudsman Pavel Astakhov has anything to do with it. “The best sex education that exists is Russian literature,” he recently declared. “In fact, literature in general. Everything is there, about love and about relationships between sexes. Schools should raise children chastely and with an understanding of family values.” While we all try to wrap our minds around this troubling statement, we decided to turn to the annals of literature and see what advice famous authors have to give concerning sex.


Erica Jong

The Fear of Flying author is no stranger when it comes to writing about sex, but according to her daughter (writer Molly Jong Fast), she didn’t dole out sex advice at home. However, when Molly (then 11 years old) asked mom how to choose her first sex partner, Jong amusingly offered: “Make sure he’s really nice and won’t talk about you to other people.” During press rounds for Sugar in My Bowl, she discussed the future of sex, stating that “good sex is still a mystery” and “most sex is not really intimate.” She elaborated: “It doesn’t necessarily open up people’s souls, and I think that we have to learn that really true intimacy is rare and it depends on other things besides sex.”