Books About Banned and Dangerous Books

Another year remembering the books that are mad, bad, and dangerous to know (we say this with a grin, of course) is coming to a close. Banned Books Week celebrates the freedom to read, while drawing attention to literature that has been challenged or banned. The number of books that have struggled against censorship is staggering, but there are also books about books that are considered a menace to society. Here are several of them. Leave us your picks, below.


The Necronomicon in numerous H. P. Lovecraft novellas

Originally a handy grimoire for summoning the Old Ones that contained the forbidden secrets of Lovecraft’s dark universe, the Necronomicon has become a catch-all term for every fictional book of evil in pop culture. Despite Lovecraft’s insistence that his tome was an invention, various hoax publications and pranks throughout the years have blurred the lines between reality and fantasy.