10 TV Shows to Fill the ‘Breaking Bad’-Shaped Hole in Your Heart

Tonight is the moment we’ve all been dreading: the finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad. As we brace ourselves for an evening of emotional devastation and ponder life in a post-Breaking Bad world (much like Low Winter Sun, we imagine), our Sunday nights seem as lonely as the New Mexico desert. We took a temporary leave from mourning to recommend ten television shows that should help fill the Breaking Bad-shaped hole in your heart. The fate of Better Call Saul still hangs in the balance, but these series are a sure thing and offer the drama, mayhem, and characters worthy of a marathon viewing.


The Wire

If you choose only one series to dive into from our list, make it David Simon’s The Wire. Like Breaking Bad, the crime drama about Baltimore’s drug trade (seen through the eyes of dealers and law enforcement) features challenging, complex characters who can’t be defined by clear-cut archetypes. Michael K. Williams delivers a solid performance as stick-up man Omar Little.