A Brief Survey of Artists Under the Influence

We’ve made an exasperated plea to musicians to stop singing about drugs. Still, we don’t expect the eternal fascination artists seem to have with substance experimentation to end any time soon β€” especially if one artist’s cocaine sculpture is any indication. We spotted the snowy white creation on Lost at E Minor earlier this week (featured after the jump). It felt like the appropriate time to revisit a few narcotically inclined artworks β€” those created under the influence and several inspired by drug culture and its icons. Feel free to mention your personal favorites, below.


You’ll remember Dutch artist Diddo from the womb-like coffin he created several years ago. Now he’s fashioned a skull out of real cocaine (and gelatin for support). The street-sourced drug even was tested for purity. “Ecce Animal is not intended to be a parable on the self-destructiveness of addiction or substance abuse,” Diddo told Bullet. “I don’t want to over-intellectualize, but it’s the fusion of two icons that provokes thought and discussion on the nature of man. Specifically, about his creation of, and participation in, a society which echoes his own tendency to lose control.”