The 10 Best Cults in Pop Culture

Calling a social group a “cult” in a contemporary context means you aren’t speaking of them in the most positive light. Decades of tabloid news causes us to associate the word with worst-case scenarios, from the Manson Family to the Peoples Temple. Generally, belonging to a “cult” nowadays is a no-no and, for the most part, ends badly. In fiction, however, small groups of people living together and worshiping a person or deity not from one of the major religions can make for great — and even sometimes lighthearted — entertainment. We’ve rounded up some of the best examples.


The Wyatt Family

Now that there’s no more Breaking Bad, Cedric Muhammad at Forbes suggests that your “must-see TV” isn’t another new AMC drama; it’s the Wyatt Family of the WWE. And disagreeing with him is tough, because the weird backwoods cult gimmick, transfixing promo videos, and leader Bray Wyatt’s sermons truly make them one of the most interesting (and super-spooky) things on television.