Here Are This Year’s Inevitable Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Another October, another round of tongue-in-cheek Halloween costumes that double as a highlight reel of this year’s cultural goings-on. The combination of celebrities, fictional characters, and politicians changes every year, but a select few getups always rise to the top and claim the title of Halloween’s most ubiquitous outfits. If you’re in need of some inspiration for this All Hallow’s Eve, we’ve attempted to predict this year’s wave of costumes with inspiration ripped from the headlines. Running the gamut from pop stars to politics, there are no cat ears or eye patches here — just a few witches, some teenagers, and a certain dearly departed New Mexico native.

tina-bobs-burgers Tina Belcher

Although this is — full disclosure — my personal pick for this year’s Halloween outfit, the Bob’s Burgers heroine also combines a simple yet distinctive aesthetic with a seemingly infinite capacity for generating quotes and GIF-able moments, making her a perfect costume choice. Perfect for those of us who put our bras on one boob at a time, just like everybody else.

Key components: Converse, glasses, voice pitched two octaves lower than normal. Bonus points if you can master this dance.