10 Kick-Ass Female Comic Book Characters You Should Know About

At a recent “Women in Comics” panel at New York Comic Con, Alpha Girl Comics founder Amy Chu pointed out that Wall Street was doing a better job of closing the gender gap than the comic book industry. Perhaps this seems like an outlandish claim, but illustrator Becky Cloonan also revealed during the panel that, although 40 percent of NYCC’s attendees are women, only six percent of its special guests are female. This is not a negligible gap.

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You don’t need to do any calculations to notice that, while there have been a spate of comic book movies in the last few years, those movies have all been rather male-centric. Instead of asking the question, “Why is it so damn hard to make a female superhero movie?” (there are too many irritating reasons to list), let’s celebrate a few of the women who do exist in superhero comics — and who deserve both our recognition and some screen time.


Wonder Woman

If you’ve heard of one female comic book hero, it’s probably Wonder Woman. She’s one-third of DC Comics’ The World’s Finest Trinity (other members: Batman and Superman), has been using her Lasso of Truth since WWII, and starred in a ‘70s television series. Though The CW has a Wonder Woman adaptation called Amazon slated for release in 2014, Diana Prince is the obvious choice for any future superhero movies. Um, remind us again, why hasn’t she had one yet?