The Greatest Horror Movies You Haven’t Seen

As Halloween approaches, you’ll be inundated with more spooky stories and fiendish films than you can possibly consume before October 31. However, if you’re looking for a creepy movie to curl up with that doesn’t star a madman named Freddy, Jason, or Michael, we have a solution. These underrated, under-seen, and unusual horror films offer something scary that strays from the norm. You’ll still find supernatural terror, psychopathic killers, and ghastly creatures in our slate of 15, but these original, beautifully photographed stories are refreshingly different from the usual Halloween fare.


Session 9

This indie effort from Brad Anderson, who went on to direct episodes for Boardwalk Empire and The Killing, is one of the more underappreciated horror films of the past few decades. Oozing atmosphere, the film is utterly chilling, thanks in no small part to the setting — an abandoned mental institution where an asbestos cleaning crew uncovers the dark secrets of the building’s past. Session 9 doesn’t rely on the usual horror film scares and immerses audiences in its quiet terror and intense performances — including (surprisingly) David Caruso.